24th of June 2021, Thursday, 12:07:56 PM

Why We Should Go Back To Reading Quotes from Great Books

There are a lot of people who love to read quotes – especially enlightening and inspiring quotes from different places. Some have even subscribed to SMS or online services where they can receive the most updated quotes that will keep them going every day regardless of the hassles they go through.

The internet has made it difficult for people to get quotes from great books. This is because it has become easy for people to navigate and find what they want; hence the role of these books has been downplayed in the contemporary society. The overarching question remains: should we go back to reading quotes from great books?

This short article covers two critical things.

  1. Why people read quotes from great books and,

  2. How should people read quotes from great books so that they can benefit from them

Why people should read quotes from great books

If the internet is more accessible, then why should I read quotes from great books? This is a question that is most likely lingering in your mind. Below are some reasons that might help answer this questions.

Great books are more relaxing

There are three reasons why people read quotes:

  • To gain wisdom

  • To awaken motivation

  • To inspire

  • To instill happiness

If your goal for reading quotes is any of the above, then you need a source that can help you relax regardless of what you are facing. Unlike the internet, books are tangible, unlike the internet. This makes you develop a sense of reality with what you are reading since you can touch the book, hug it, or even smell it; hence it will make you feel more relaxed than the internet.

Great books don’t face network and power problems

The internet is not 100% reliable. You might be in dire need of quotes, but when you check your phone, you find out you have no power, or the internet connection in the location you are in is weak. With a great book, you will never experience such problems; thus you can enjoy their reliability to the maximum.

Weird but… great books smell good

When reading quotes, you need to involve all your five senses so that you can benefit from them. Some people who have read quotes from great books find them better than the internet since they give them an opportunity to use their sense of smell. As crazy as it looks, the scent from the pages with the quotes that you love bring a calming effect that you cannot get from other sources such as the internet.

How to read quotes from great books so that you can benefit from them

  1. Read one quote several times

Reading a quote several times will help you absorb it, and with no time, it will become part of you; hence positively affecting your behaviour and personality.

  1. Think about the quote after reading it

How will you use the message you have gotten from the quote to better your life? This is a question you should seek answers to once you read it. Find its inner meaning, and retain it in your memory.

  1. Read between the lines

To get a more profound understanding of a quote, try to read in between the lines. The internet will mention the important part of a quote, but a great book will expound it and help you find great ideas that will help you change your life for the better.

The last take

Despite the fact that the internet has overtaken almost everything in our lives, quotes from great books are of great importance, and the benefits they bring to us are unbeatable. You can use them as a form of reference, and create a meditation theme that will help you live a happy and productive life each day.